iOS 12

Hello! So, we are at this time of the year. Another iOS version, another feature blocked. This time, the battery wear method that we used in Lirum Device Info was removed. So, after you update to this version, all detailed information will be presented as N/A. At this point, there's nothing we can do for a [...]

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Missing data and force update

Hello there, Rogerio here! We have a very common question recently: whenever a new device model is released and it's data is not available, some users are experiencing the dreadful "[N/A]" (not available) value for many spec fields. Sometimes, the data is already available, but some devices failed to update their local databases. The process is [...]

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About the CPU Clock/Updatable Data

Hello dear users, Recently we have received a number of messages, regarding the outdated nature of some informations on the App's database. Specifically about the CPU Clock, amongst others. If you are experiencing this issue, please follow the steps below: On the App's Main Menu, go to Settings > Force Database Update. Make sure your [...]

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Latest Update: 4.4.0

Dear users! We have another announcement about our latest release of the App: This update fixes a bug that crashed the App whenever the Tools > Battery > Battery Details screen was loaded on an iPhone 8/8 Plus. For these devices, the "hardware tree" changed, and the App wasn't expecting that. (We actually had to get an [...]

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New Documentation

A new documentation page is available for Lirum Device Info, with updated datafields, and description of all tools and functions. You can check it in here, or in the App, by choosing "Online Help" from the main menu

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We need to talk about Battery Cycles

Hello Everyone! Let's talk about the elephant in the room: Battery Cycles. I'm aware that a lot of people who brought the full version of Lirum Info, did so based on this feature. We worked really hard to bring it, as well as the other specifications, connection list subsystem, etc. We would love to make that information [...]

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Back online

Due to strong popular demand, our Lirum Info app is back online. iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and the iPad Air 2 are not fully supported in terms of detailed specifications, but you can check the model of your device on the main screen: Samsung CPU Models: N71AP (iPhone 6S); N66AP (iPhone 6S Plus); TSMC [...]

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Version 2.0 Released!

Version 2.0 of our Lirum Device Info was released today! We have a new visual identity, an improved icon, and a lot of infrastructure enhancements. New detailed Icon, optimized for Retina Displays; Enhanced auto-update method for the correlation between the latest iOS version for each device model; Bug-fix, for the "Hardware Machine" field on the [...]

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