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Reviews about Lirum Device Info

If you’re a total tech junkie and love crunching numbers and memorizing data, this is the ultimate app for the tech obsessive. In short, Lirum Device Info is well worth shelling out a couple of clams for. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more robust, comprehensive system monitor.
Tucker Cummings,
The most complete and elegant application to retrieve real time status of your device.
Videocast, AOL Tech
The information in this app is quite fascinating. You can compare the specs of lots of different devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods, and see how they truly size up against one another. I expected most of the data to make no sense to me at all but everything is actually presented very clearly and concisely, not to mention accurately.
Excellent piece of work. Seems to dig into almost every nook & cranny in both my iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. Truly an impressive piece of programming ! I was in the computer field for over 40 years; senior programmer/analyst, director of IT/Telecom and I would have hired this person in the blink of an eye with almost a blank check! Please finish this beautiful piece of work as I’m anxious to see what you tackle next. ((big smile)) Definitely a big fan!
Dr5000, Review from the App Store

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