Lirum Device Info Lite

Get the free version of Lirum Device Info on the Apple App Store: Download The app is a Diagnostic solution for iOS devices. The free version contains lots of tools and specifications for your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Lirum Device Info Full

The premium version of Lirum Device Info on the Apple App Store: Download The app is a Diagnostic solution for iOS devices. The paid version contains a comparison tool for iOS models, all the tools of the free version, plus some more sophisticated ones.


Get the free OriginStamp App for MacOS: Download The app is a time stamping tool, made in collaboration with the public blockchain service.


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About the CPU Clock/Updatable Data

Hello dear users,

Recently we have received a number of messages, regarding the outdated nature of some informations on the App’s database. Specifically about the CPU Clock, amongst others.

If you are experiencing this issue, please follow the steps below:

On the App’s Main Menu, go to Settings > Force Database Update. Make sure your internet […]

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Back online

Due to strong popular demand, our Lirum Info app is back online.
iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and the iPad Air 2 are not fully supported in terms of detailed specifications, but you can check the model of your device on the main screen:
Samsung CPU Models:

N71AP (iPhone 6S);
N66AP (iPhone 6S Plus);

TSMC CPU Models:

N71mAP (iPhone 6S);
N66mAP (iPhone […]

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Lirum Device Info Removed from Sale until next update.

Dear users,

We have recently removed Lirum Device Info from sale. When a new version is released, it will be available again – and all purchases made will seamlesly migrate.
As for the reasons of the take down:

A crash on iOS 9 was widely reported – and we can’t quickfix it because the AppStore now demands […]

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Lirum Info reviewed on DailyAppShow

Our Lirum Device Info product has been reviewed in a video podcast from (on the Spotlight!). Watch it out now (on their site), or watch it on Youtube (iPad Version, iPhone/iPod Version)


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Our first great achievement

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Here we are!

Finally! Our website is online, and our first two products are on fire! “Consulta Visa Vale” and “Versículos” are being downloaded (even without any Marketing efforts).

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